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Monday, March 2, 2015

Del Monte Cream Style Corn

My dad received this rice amulet last week. It's too cute, after CNY we get to cut it open and eat it.

Creamed Corn is a great food product as its naturally sweet. Corn is usually steamed, how do you get it creamed?!

It comes with a recipe on the back, usually some casserole type dish.

I tend to make a Corn Risotto side dish. It's just 1 package Del Monte Cream Style Corn, 2 handfuls cooked rice and 1 handful Cheese (whatever is in your fridge, maybe less cheese if you don't like it). Heat everything in a pan and its ready to serve! If you like you can add more stuff like garlic, bacon, etc.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Cotton Dresses for Summer

Chinatown light-up this year, thousands of gold coins floating above the roads.

Kilometres of life-size goat lanterns. What a major production every year too.

Most of the time it looks like this.

Selfie with my favorite girls.

My new home clothes for 2015, simple cotton dresses that eliminate daily decisions of what to wear.

It started with just 1 dress that my mom bought for me @ $10 a piece! I ended up getting 5 more dresses and 1 pajama dress. I think I need a straw hat to accessorize.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Escada Spring/Summer 2015

Spring/Summer pre-showing was just basic black and white that looked very much like work clothes. However, the actual collection is a lot softer and even colourful. I guess it was sooner or later that escada jumped in with a translucent knit material made into tops. It is a departure from its usual conservative & structured style.

 Just look at this evening gown, such a timeless classic.

Over in Escada Resort 2015, formal evening gowns are still de riguer.

The sexy use of gold is apparent.

Then signs of design in an updated paisley pattern on its clothes. The style is very work oriented, you know, jackets, knee-length dresses, pants. Who do you know wears Escada to work? I've seen ladies who lunch wear these out to socialize.

Over in Escada Sport Resort 2015, the clothes look more reasonable and familiar to what people actually wear everyday.

There are gemstones/chains print on the clothes this season.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spotlight CNY Angpow

Spending my Spotlight $10.88 CNY voucher on an elastic band for my tulle skirt $8.90 and wrapping tissue paper $2.50. Sales were on and I also got some clearance fabric on discontinued lines.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream

I am always a fan of almond hand creams and hand washes. It's soo homey, warm, uplifting that I always keep it around. It also nourishes the cuticles making it a 2-in-1 hand cream of choice. I am not a fan of almonds in baking or cooking though. I usually get The BodyShop's version, my first time trying out Burt's Bees that is just as good, more perfumey.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Fair Price Oriental Sausages (Garlic + Chili)

Taiwanese/Oriental sausages are newer cousins of traditional waxed meats. It's the same ingredients but juicier and fresher. It tastes sweet like chinese bbq and is red inside and outside. I am not a fan as its always got bits of fat stuffed inside that dribbles down your chin when you bite into it. However, if you are going to eat it then you have to get FairPrice house brand Oriental Sausages in garlic chili flavor, it's the best! At just $3.10 for 5 pieces, no wonder people complain $1 per piece @ pasar malams are expensive.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Currently Reading : Shopaholic to the Stars

The latest book for the Shopaholics series by Sophie Kinsella, published last year 2014. Shopaholic to the Stars follows Becky on her move to Tinseltown and is double the usual novel size. It's rollicking fun as Becky turns into a celebrity overnight and understands why stars have such messy tabloid lives.

I still prefer the movie version over the books. Isla Fisher as Becky is tremendously funny and sweet. A movie I have watched umpteenth times and still empathize with the lead character.

Some Chinese New Year faux floral arrangements I made this year in stone vases that were just waiting to be filled. I did cut my fingers in the process as the wires are sharp.